Monday, 13 July 2009

Burton Constable Country Fair

I thought I would tell you about our lovely day yesterday at Burton Constable Hall, just outside of Hull. It's only a small country fair, but its in a beautiful setting and is a popular visitor attraction.

It was a very early start, leaving home at 6.30am (especially after a late night making stock!) but the long journey gave me the chance to catch up on a bit of sleep. Once we were set up, in came the visitors, and the sun came out.

It was busy all day, but the most popular products by far yesterday were the baby chilli hearts. As soon as we put another one out for sale, it sold again! Wreaths as ever were popular, as were the scented hearts. With the school year coming to an end, the hearts were a favourite as thank you gifts for hard working teachers.

Just for once, this fair went without any 'adventures' (probably because my Mom wasn't there!) and was a really nice day. I even managed to start my Christmas present buying! You can always get really nice gifts at the fairs, something original and of good quality.

Anyway, I'm off to start my mountain of sewing ready for next weekend's fairs at West Bridgford in Nottingham, and the Ashbourne Highland Games in Derbyshire. If you want to see where we are for the rest of the year, have a quick look at our Upcoming Events page for a complete list.

Bye for now
Lyndsay x


  1. Glad it was a good one for you, I was going to do it but we were away on holiday!

    Vanessa x

  2. It was a good fair, but I'd gladly swap it for a holiday. Somewhere hot and relaxing by the I'm just day dreaming!!

  3. Stall looked great Lyndsay - I might not have been there physically but I was there in spirit! Anyway looking forward to West Bridgford and Ashbourne. Friday looks like rain all day so it's out with the gumbies and cat boots again? I'll bring all the candle cups and saucers I've made and see what sort of 'incident' I can create. Seems like you're missing our special 'moments'!

  4. Looks great Lyndsay. My sister in law loves hearts and wreathes so i may be coming to you for xmas pressies!