Friday, 3 July 2009

All New to This!

I run my own business called Pretty Beautiful, and everyone has been telling me for ages that I should start up a blog to run alongside it. Well, it looks as if I've finally managed it, and now I just need to learn exactly how to work it!

There are two main elements to the business, the first are really simple, fresh and contemporary hand crafted cards including birthday cards, wedding cards, and pretty much any other occasion that you ever need. We also offer a bespoke service allowing you to contact us with your requirements, and we'll create a one off design just for you.

The second element of the business is the gift side. We are constantly developing this at the moment, but as every item is completely hand made, it can sometimes be difficult to get the new products finalised and available for sale. I'm keep trying, and we are slowly getting there! Some of the products include hand blended pot pourri, dried fruit wreaths, and scented hearts.

My aim is to try and update the blog every week (lets see how we go!) and then talk about the different products, the fairs that we are exhibiting at and anything else that we get up to. My Mom helps out a lot with the business, and you can guarantee that there is always some silly thing that we've done or embarrassed ourselves with. I'll try and keep you up to date about all of that too!

Anyway for now at least I've made a start, and I'd really love it if anyone out there would have a look at what we do and leave some comments. It would be good to know what you all think!
Bye for now
Lyndsay x


  1. Great to see this up and running Lyndsay!

  2. Wow Linz thats much better, see it didnt take you long to catch on! Well done, the blog looks lovely and i cant wait to hear stories about what you and Jane have been up to! namely Jane as i know what scrapes she gets into! lol

    T x

    p.s sorry Jane talking about you as if your not here ;)

  3. Got there in the end, and got it linked up to the website! Progress at last!