Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's Wedding Season!

I normally write about new products and our adventures connected with Pretty Beautiful, our hand crafted card and gift company, but today I thought I would write a little bit about our other website, PB Dried Fruit.

I always forget to blog about what we're up to with that side of the business, but things have been really busy the last few weeks as the wedding season has started in earnest! We are slowly adding to our new Wedding Supplies section of the website, with natural confetti petals, beautiful confetti cones and organza ribbons, and then favour boxes and bags. There are so many lovely products to choose from that I am struggling to decide which items to stock online, but slowly and surely we are getting a collection together.

The confetti cones and filling petals are our main wedding product at the moment, and with beautiful rich chocolate brown, luxurious champagne, opulent pearl and sumptuous silver to choose from, there is something to suit all colour schemes. The petals range from pretty and traditional ivory, right the way through to a deep blood red/burgundy and vivid pink amaranth petals.
The tiny amaranth petals are new in this season, and so far are proving very popular! The colours are amazing, and they are so small and delicate, that they just float gently to the ground. I know this for a fact, as Chris knocked part of a bag all over the floor, and if nothing else, we now know how they look as they cascade gracefully through the air ;)

We have a lovely selection of organza ribbons to complement the confetti cones, ranging from ivory and beige, to gold, brown, pink and dark silver grey. You can buy these at only 30p per metre, and they really are the perfect finishing touch.

We are going to be getting in a range of small vintage style favour boxes in the next couple of weeks, so as soon as they are available online, I will chat about them on here. I've already got the samples, and they are really cute and gorgeous!

Today is the day for sorting through all our events for the year and getting everything in the diary and on the wall charts.....even the dreaded payment dates. It's a horrible job that I've been putting off since the middle of February, but it's time to face up to it. It's going to take my favourite album, a cup of tea and a cake to get me through it!.....well that's my excuse anyway ;)

Lyndsay xxx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Tealights!

We finally got the new Strawberry Tealights finished and ready to buy online! I uploaded them last week, and meant to blog about them, but things got a bit crazy, and I never got round to it.

Anyway, they went down a treat at our craft fair in Derby last week, and were a very popular Mother's Day gift along with the Teacup Candles, and my personal favourites, the Little T'woos.

As you can see from the picture, we had them in loads of different colour combinations, and it's my aim this week to get these options onto the website. All of the ones that you can see in the photograph found their way to a new home, but there will be more who need re-homing very shortly!

That's all for now, as my dinner is calling...yum yum

Lyndsay xxx