Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Such a long time!

It's been such a long time since I've had the chance to update the blog, I'm sorry!. Everything was crazy on the run up to Christmas, with fairs every weekend, shops to keep supplied, and website orders to fulfill. Every year I say 'never again' and 'I'm going to be more organised next year' but it just never happens and the headless chicken thing kicks in round about October. Once Christmas does arrive, my brain switches off for a couple of weeks and then I really struggle to kick start it again...or am I just lazy? I'm not really sure!!!

Anyway we are just back from a week in Cornwall, and I've come back ready to start afresh. We've already gained a couple more trade customers, and new products are being designed as we speak. A whole new range of garlands and scented hearts, and then some unknowns have got to be created from somewhere.....any ideas, just let me know! As soon as they are ready I'll post some pictures for your feedback, but in the meantime, I'll fill you in on our new website.

PB Dried Fruit will be our sister site selling dried fruit to the public and trade. Available in small to large quantities, we plan to offer a huge range of naturally dried fruits that can be used for all kinds of craft activities from pot pourri to wreaths. Hopefully we will be launching in a few weeks time (if I get my act together!) but as soon as we are up and running, I'll be posting more info and links. If there is anything that you want before then, just let me know as we already have most of the stock available to buy.

Other than that, life is slowly returning to normal. The house is in chaos as we are completely redecorating the bedroom and bathroom, new plaster, carpet, skirting boards, electrics, the works. Chris is sitting watching the football and yelling at the TV downstairs, and I'm working to keep out of the way and dreaming of a new house in Cornwall. Definitely back to normal!

Our first fair of the year is at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham on Valentine's weekend. If you're in the area and fancy a nice romantic stroll around the house and deer park, you'll find us down in the Yard Gallery. Pop in and say hello, and get a sneak preview of some of those new products.

Anyway, I'll try and blog more regularly, so I promise to speak to you all again soon
Lyndsay x