Thursday, 27 August 2009

A new recruit!

Meet Winston, our newest recruit. I came across him at the Warwickshire and West Midlands Game and Country Fair at Ragley Hall last weekend. He was crying out for a home, and what could I do but lovingly oblige!

After a short stint on the stall, (and too many people trying to buy him!) he is now living in amongst our rhubarb patch in the back garden. He seems happy enough, but my other cats really aren't so sure about our new family member. The hissing, spitting and hackles don't seem to be the friendliest of welcomes, but Winston doesn't seem to mind too much. I'm thinking a bandana might be a nice touch to really welcome him into his new home?

I thought I should add a picture of Winston's creator. I don't even know his name, but what that man can do with a tree stump and a chainsaw......

Anyway, lots to get done this week ready for the Moorgreen Show in Nottingham so I should go and get on with it. It's our first outing with the new gazebo, so lets pray for sun and gentle breezes, otherwise I'll be doing my best Mary Poppins!

Bye for now

Lyndsay x

Monday, 17 August 2009

Long Eaton High Street

This weekend we were in Long Eaton High Street, Nottingham. The craft marquee was pitched right in the centre of town in the pedestrianised area so that no-one could miss us! The weather was good although a little windy (not always good in a tent!) and I found an excellent house clearance store in the back streets for all kind of little goodies. What more can you ask for!

Unfortunately for us, the stall next to ours was selling ceramic animals such as reindeers, cats and cows. I think we ended up spending as much as we took, but if you can't have rewards for the late nights and early mornings sometimes, then whats the point! Mom has bought a rooster that she is going to call Russell once he's been fired to sit in her kitchen, and I did a spot of Christmas pressie shopping. Kath, the artist has a gallery and gift shop in Nottingham below TopKnot on Trent Bridge. She is definitely worth a visit as her work is gorgeous, and she's just lovely!

Apart from our spending spree, it was a good weekend for our teacup candles. Mom is very proud as these are her 'baby' and the more that sell, the more she can buy for her collection at home! We use old, unusal and collectable cups and saucers in a vast array of styles and colours, and then fill them with wax to create beautiful candles. They look nice, smell gorgeous, and make great gifts. We are going to be adding them to the website shortly, but at the moment we are selling them faster than I can photograph and put them online. That's a job for this week I hope, so keep a look out and let us know what you think.

There was a really good selection of products at the fair including ceramics, books, candles, jewellery, wooden toys, wood turning and photography amongst many others. My friend Toniann from Knot Just Jigs was outside in her gazebo, desperately trying to hold on as the wind tried to blow her away. Her traditional wooden toys are always popular with their bright colours, huge range and high quality. They make fantastic presents for little ones, with rag dolls for the girls and train sets for the boys, you can't go wrong!

I think it's time to stop chatting, and tackle the pile of work and orders that is currently sitting in my inbox. Time to go, but I'll update you all after next week's Game and Country Fair at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire. This huge event requires a lot of stock, and we have hardly anything!

Lyndsay x

Monday, 3 August 2009

A very wet weeekend!

Today I am recovering after a very wet and muddy weekend at Nottingham's Riverside Festival. It's a huge event that attracts thousands of people, but unfortunately this time wellies were needed by all!
After torrential rain for most of last week, and then again on Friday, by the time we were leaving at 11pm, our poor car did not fair well in the mud bath. Saturday was even worse! The rain poured into the tent and we were collecting it in a bucket behind the stall. I was amazed that people came at all, but after a rather quiet 13 hour day, we were definitley ready to head for home. The fireworks finished, we packed up the stall and got into our little car once again. Unfortunately the deep mud made getting off the field very difficult indeed, and instead of going up the slope, we just kept sliding back down!

Luckily the weather was beautiful yeasterday, and apart from the mud it was a brilliant day. More like the Riverside Festival that we have grown to love over the years. The customers came out with the sun, and a busy day was had by all. Yet again our chilli hearts proved to be very popular along with dried fruit wreaths, and lots of orders for name and age cards. Certainly enough to keep me busy this week!!

Today I need to sort the house out as it looks as if we bought most of that muddy field back home with us, but work is calling as always, and those orders won't wait for long!

Speak to you again soon

Lyndsay x