Monday, 3 August 2009

A very wet weeekend!

Today I am recovering after a very wet and muddy weekend at Nottingham's Riverside Festival. It's a huge event that attracts thousands of people, but unfortunately this time wellies were needed by all!
After torrential rain for most of last week, and then again on Friday, by the time we were leaving at 11pm, our poor car did not fair well in the mud bath. Saturday was even worse! The rain poured into the tent and we were collecting it in a bucket behind the stall. I was amazed that people came at all, but after a rather quiet 13 hour day, we were definitley ready to head for home. The fireworks finished, we packed up the stall and got into our little car once again. Unfortunately the deep mud made getting off the field very difficult indeed, and instead of going up the slope, we just kept sliding back down!

Luckily the weather was beautiful yeasterday, and apart from the mud it was a brilliant day. More like the Riverside Festival that we have grown to love over the years. The customers came out with the sun, and a busy day was had by all. Yet again our chilli hearts proved to be very popular along with dried fruit wreaths, and lots of orders for name and age cards. Certainly enough to keep me busy this week!!

Today I need to sort the house out as it looks as if we bought most of that muddy field back home with us, but work is calling as always, and those orders won't wait for long!

Speak to you again soon

Lyndsay x


  1. Yep, pretty accurate description. Did you forget to mention the incident with your backside making contact with the poor man who had the stall behind? Poor chap was positively traumatised!

  2. Traumatised? He offered to pay me to do it again!