Thursday, 27 August 2009

A new recruit!

Meet Winston, our newest recruit. I came across him at the Warwickshire and West Midlands Game and Country Fair at Ragley Hall last weekend. He was crying out for a home, and what could I do but lovingly oblige!

After a short stint on the stall, (and too many people trying to buy him!) he is now living in amongst our rhubarb patch in the back garden. He seems happy enough, but my other cats really aren't so sure about our new family member. The hissing, spitting and hackles don't seem to be the friendliest of welcomes, but Winston doesn't seem to mind too much. I'm thinking a bandana might be a nice touch to really welcome him into his new home?

I thought I should add a picture of Winston's creator. I don't even know his name, but what that man can do with a tree stump and a chainsaw......

Anyway, lots to get done this week ready for the Moorgreen Show in Nottingham so I should go and get on with it. It's our first outing with the new gazebo, so lets pray for sun and gentle breezes, otherwise I'll be doing my best Mary Poppins!

Bye for now

Lyndsay x

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  1. Loving Winston - can't wait to meet him in person! Well done at Ragley Hall, it's a lovely venue isn't it? Hope the weather stays decent over the Bank Holiday for the Moor Green show and that the gazebo is windproof as well as waterproof - look after all those beautiful teacup and saucer candles they are truly handmade with love! The product range is expanding into a lovely selection which the customers really seem to love and appreciate - keep it going!!