Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hand crafted retirement cards

Thought I would post something about one of our new bespoke cards. The thought of making this filled me with dread, but actually I'm pretty pleased with the outcome!

Retirement cards are generally quite a difficult category to fill, but when I was contacted about making a caravan card, my heart really did sink! I have tried to keep it fresh and contemporary, yet still suitable for the occasion using a muted colour palette and simple text. Let's just hope that Geoff agrees!

For more of our bespoke cards, please just visit our website, and contact us for details.

Bye for now

Lyndsay x


  1. Its lovely! i really like it :)

    T x

  2. This card is really different! One things for sure, Geoff won't be getting another card like this one - definately one to keep.