Saturday, 20 April 2013

Is that Sunshine!?!?

I know the weather forecast had said that today was going to be nice, but that doesn't always mean much.  So, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the lovely sunshine this morning, and felt the need to get some fresh air and a bit of warm sun.  Sunbathing was out of the question (not quite warm enough for that yet!), so taking some more stock photos seemed to be the best compromise, and stops the guilty feelings of not working.

I had a trusty photographic assistant today...yes Andy, that's you!!! after a sneaky pub lunch for my birthday, we turned the patio into our studio, and got to work.

I don't know how many hours it took us to get the three main photos that we needed, but we got there in the end.  I think it must have been all the reminiscing of our school and college days that put us off, remembering the holidays, the songs and everything else that went along with them.  It all seems so long ago now!!  Anyway, the other photos that were scheduled in for today will just have too be done next time the elusive sun decides to grace us with it's presence, and of course when Andy is around to help out!

It was our Wooden Houses that were on the menu for today, and they are uploaded and available to buy right now :)  We make them in lots of other colours too, but rather than drowning the website in them, we just added the three most popular choices.  If anyone does want one in anything different though, all you have to do is email us with your required colours, and we'll take it from there.

Red Wooden House
Cream & Green Wooden House
Cream & Red Wooden House
Double and triple beach huts are on my making list for this week, but my birthday is at the end of the week, so I can't promise to get everything done!  I'll get some pictures on here as soon as they are ready, and at least the sun is shining and helping me with the beachy/summery feeling that definitely helps when making that kind of thing.  Snow just doesn't have the same effect!

I'll write again soon, maybe with the extra wisdom of one who is a whole year older...well you never know ;)

Linz xxx

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