Monday, 8 April 2013

Easter Adventures!

Easter didn't turn out all that well for us here at Pretty Beautiful.  We drove down to Buckingham for a craft show at Hyde End, to find a complete mudbath.  The organisers had done an amazing job to even get the show open, but it wasn't the easiest of set-ups, and we had to be towed out just to add to the misery. 

The stand was looking good though, so off we went to our hotel to hide from the -7 temperatures outside.  The following morning (Good Friday) we left the hotel to go to the first day of the show.  That's when things really started to go wrong!  Our van broke down in a bad place.  The bottom of a hill on a main road in the middle of nowhere.  Lorries were thundering down the hill towards us, and how we didn't get hit, I will never know.  After a quick call to the RAC, and another to a friend at the show to come and rescue me, the van got towed away, and I opened the stand.

A Bank Holiday weekend is never going to be the best time to breakdown, especially when it turns out that the van needs some major repairs!  The long and the short of it was that we had a stressful few days and an extra night in Buckinghamshire.  The van was recovered and taken to my Dad's dealership in Birmingham, and we were recovered by Chris' mom.

We are still missing our van as it is very poorly indeed, and can't be fixed until later this week.  Much of our equipment and stock is in it, making life a little difficult, but at least we will get it back.  It was a scary and very stressful catastrophe!!

Anyway, it's the start of a new week, and we've got a lot to do!  Orders to be completed, stock to make, new designs to finish, and a whole load of photos to get on the website.  Our web designer (Meg at White Ochre Design) is working on a bit of a new look for the homepage as we speak, and that should be up and running shortly.  We need something new that reflects what we do and where the business has gone.  Our products are much more sewing, wood and fruit based nowadays, as we have slowly moved away from the cards.  We want our website to reflect this with a more soft, natural and handcrafted look.  We hope you like the outcome :)

These photos aren't going to take themselves, so I'm going to try and get some done whilst the weather is good.  I'll get some on here when I get a moment.

Speak to you all soon
Linz xxx  

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