Saturday, 20 October 2012

Back again!

I'm back here again....I did say that I would really try, and here I am and very pleased with myself too ;)

Anyway,  I've been doing a bit of work on the website in the last few days, adding in new teacup candles...we sold out.....adding the new wooden houses, more new wreaths and so on.  Regular customers will also notice that we are starting to scale down the card side of the business.  As time goes by we've found that most of our business is in the gifts and home accessories.  We sell those items at the shows, supply them to retail outlets, and online.  It seems sensible to aim the website more at that market than the smaller handmade card sector. 

After Christmas, we're hoping that the website will have a facelift, and at that point the cards will all but disappear, just leaving the bespoke option and few others.  We have a few ideas on how we want it to look, but for now it's all in the ".....get Christmas out of the way, and in the New Year" stage, just like cleaning the house, sorting the garden, finishing the bathroom...............

The teacup candles have been going really well online recently, with a lot of enquiries coming through for other designs and sets.  Most of what we sell comes from current stock photos being emailed to the customer so that they can make a choice.  Our stock changes almost daily, so we normally have something that is just right.  If you do want to have a look at others, please don't hesitate to ask, we send out photographs every day, so another request won't be a problem :)  We have a few really, really nice trio sets avaialbale online at the moment, my favourites being the ones in these pictures. 

I've managed to get a picture of our 'Wooden Houses' online, although this is only one of the colours that we offer.  The other two are a pale cream and a darker, richer caramel/cream colour.  The fabrics available for the windows and doors are endless, so all we ask is for your chosen colour scheme, and we'll do the rest.  We can send over pictures of the proposed fabric combinations so that we can get it just right for you.  They are one of my favourite items to make along with the Pomegranate Hearts, as I get to play with fabric, and the simple combination of the wood and fabric is really appealing and 'homey'.

Today I am working on the final elements of my sister's wedding stationary.  the wedding is next weekend, and I still have the table plan to make, the table numbers, and make alterations to her dress and mine, and that's not even taking into account our normal day to day work and orders......time to stop chatting away on here I think!

I'm off, and I'll try to get back after the wedding next weekend!
Lyndsay x

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