Thursday, 23 June 2011

Online Updates!

Baby Citrus Wreath £8.00

I have spent the last two days working on the website, and finally getting some of our new products online.  It's something that I've been meaning to do for absolutely ages, but just haven't got round to doing. 

This has all come about because this weekend we have Saturday off and only have a one day fair rather than a two or three as we have lately.  We are to be found at the Melton Mowbray Country Fair on Sunday (26th June) for what is promising to be a fun and hopefully sunny day!  There is a Big Bake competition, rural craft demonstrations, a novelty dog show, livestock displays and a 'Fun With Food' marquee where a suspect my other half Chris will spend most of his day ;)

Saturday is going to be a good solid stock day without any distractions or outings, or so I hope, as next weekend we are at the Waddington Air Show, which is incredibly busy.  I have mentioned my love of planes (and pilots!!) before, so I won't go into that now!

 As for this week's work, I have launched our new 'Wooden Love' range online.  We've been selling out at the shows most weekends, and have taken lots of bepoke orders for hearts in colours co-ordinating with people's kitchens, hallways etc  We offer them in the three standard colours of cream, red and green.  Each is a distressed hand cut and finished heart threaded with various fruit combinations. 

Single Wooden Heart Garland £11.50

Available as a Single Heart Garland, a Triple Heart Garland and a Wooden Heart String, there is something to suit everyone and every space.  They are simple, rustic, but yet full of charm and country style.  We are hoping to extend the range over the comong months, so please watch this space.....patiently!

I've also managed to get many more of our dried fruit wreaths onto the website in both the standard and baby sizes.  Once again, their simple, aromatic and stylish character are always popular at the shows, and especially for Christmas.  As anyone who has visited our stall will know, we have many more styles, but it is almost impossible to get everything online.  I wouyld need weeks and weeks, rather than a couple of days.  I am intending to get our fruit strings on there sometime soon, along with our large and small scented hearts, and a larger selection of the ever popular 'Cottage Hearts'.
Cottage Hearts £7.50 each

The list is long and scary, and fitting it all in between wedding orders, website orders, wholesale orders and of course the shows, is getting more and more difficult.  What I really need are a couple of hard working staff who don't mind craziness and cats.....does anyone want to volunteer?

I'll leave it at that for today, but please feel free to post any thoughts and comments about the new products, your views are always appreciated.

Bye for now

Lyndsay xxx

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