Sunday, 14 February 2010


I promised that I would get round to it, and finally we have this years fairs confirmed! They're all posted on our 'Upcoming Events' page, and as always, there's still more to book, but the basics are in along with a couple of new ones. Foxton Locks, and Cosford Air Show are two that we're really looking forward to, especially Cosford......I have a bit of a thing for planes and flight suits ;) I'm not sure exactly how much work I'll get done that day, but my Mom and Chris will be helping out, so I'm sure I can disappear off for a bit without anyone noticing!

The new website will be launching sometime this week. Its nearly complete now, with just the final photos and pricing to finish. It's taken three days of photographing (is that even a word??) to get it done, but it's looking good, and has definitely been worth all the hard work. As soon as it goes live, I'll be posting the links, so look out for them, and then click away to your hearts content....please!

Speak to you soon
Linz x

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  1. Cosford - Moomin Momma holds the fort whilst you oggle the planes and their pilots? I think not Missy! All 'viewing' is on a strictly sharing basis I'll have you know. It's looking like a real fun day and I'm really looking forward to it. All we need now is a nice sunny day to make it perfect!